ACVIM Web Redesign

The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) is an organization that is dedicated to the discovery of new medical knowledge in the field of veterinary science, they increase public awareness of advances in veterinary medical care and they educate, train and certify veterinary specialists. ACVIM chose BadCat Design to redesign their website for them, which included changing the visual look of the site, but also reorganizing some of the navigational structure and architecture of the content to help users have a better online experience.

The purpose of ACVIM’s website is to provide informational resources to people in the field of veterinary science. Due to the nature of what ACVIM does, there’s a lot of resource content to maintain and keep organized on their website. It’s important to ACVIM that their users are provided with the answers they need and that the content is easy to access and navigate to on their website.

Specifically there were many changes made within the structure of the nav to help users get to their desired content more easily. Design decisions were made that not only visually brightened up the design to make the site look better overall, but to add heirarchical cues so the information is presented in a more readable way.

Some new features that were added and/or redesigned on the ACVIM site include:

  • New consistent font and color styles on all pages
  • Colorful redesigned page templates
  • Home page rotating jQuery slideshow
  • Home page Search for a specialist form
  • News headline bar at the top of the page
  • Diplomate/candidate log-in area on every page
  • Easier page by page access to the General Information Guide