BadCat relaunches Vascular Disease Foundation website

Vascular Disease Foundation has been educating the public and professionals and advocating on vascular health for over ten years. Founded in 1998 by Dennis Newman, VDF has grown into a large network of companies, patients, partners and professionals dedicated to providing information about Vascular Disease. The Vascular Disease Foundation has two sister organizations, the Peripheral Artery Disease Coalition (PAD Coalition) and the Venous Disease Coalition (VDC). These three organizations maintain an invaluable web presence but recently realized a need for a better way to manage their content. 

With the decision to combine the existing websites (PAD, VDC with VDF), the Vascular Disease Foundation had to put in place a more efficient way to maintain their resources. Starting as three separate html websites with more than 450 pages each on average, the WordPress multisite feature was chosen as one solution to their content entry and management needs. Multisite is a built in feature available since WordPress 3.0. With multisite you are able to create a network that has the ability to run all three of VDF’s sites as one. It makes plugin installation and access less redundant, VDF can create pages containing content that can be shared by any of the three organizations and updating WordPress is an easy one instance update.
Other Features WordPress is now providing VDF with are:

  • Custom Post Types
  • Link Lists
  • Customized Mega-Menus

Custom post types make it easy to add important press releases and keeps them organized while feeding them into the page automatically. Link lists are generated instantly, making managing long members lists and sponsors list pages simple and fast. Finally, menus makes removing and adding content easy, which wasn’t always the case with their previous html site. Check out the new!