Welcome to CatCubeTopia! This is a space where the interested, creative, bored and playful people of the world come to download their very own, free papercraft cat-friends. Just choose one of the categories below and click on a character to download the pdf.
Papercraft Supplies You Might Need: The only supplies that you might need to make these paper toys will be a computer, scissors and two hands. You do not need any adhesive products of any kind to be able to create these fun cubee cat-friends.

Abominable Kitten

Who doesn’t have a soft spot in for this lonesome Yeti! Luckily, the Paperazzi have been trying to catch a glimpse of another celebrity out in Hollywood…giving him this holiday season off.

Special Talents:
Posing for blurry profile snap shots.


Chewy Cat

Curiosity killed the cat…or maybe it was the hundreds of volts of electricity coursing through his little kitty body…poor guy. It’s lights out for this JingleCat for now, luckily he has 8 more lives.

Special Talents:
Ruining the holiday cheer and smelling crispy.


Sweet Tooth

Don’t let his sugary facade fool you…this candy cane cat’s main goal is to rot your teeth! Look out, he’s on the move, don’t forget to brush those fangs after all the holiday treats.

Special Talents:
Discourages enamel and generates cavities.


Frisky the SnowCat

Not a big fan of the cold but you are a big fan of holiday traditions? Print this guy out and build a snowcat of your own in front of the warm, comforting, cozy, glow of your computer screen!

Special Talents:
Never melting and looking cute anywhere.

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