MusicWorks 4 Kids Sparks Musical Interest in Young Minds

MusicWorks 4 Kids is a program that works closely with Kindermusik to expose children to use music at a young age and to use instruments as tools of self expression. Musicworks 4 Kids has been around since 1995 and their classes and music programs focus on the child and their family.

The Doylestown MusicWorks 4 Kids new website needed the ability to reach out to children and their families to teach them about the programs that are offered. Specific technologies were utilized to make the content easier to access to the user. Some of these technologies include:

WordPress was used so that adding content would be easy and quick for the admin. They are able to add information from anywhere at anytime with WordPress and it has an intuitive backend that is comfortable to use. A custom field plugin was also used in the template so that adding and removing information would be easy for new and old classes. CSS3 animation was added to the home page to animate the words to the right of the jQuery slider area. Instead of using cumbersome javascript, the CSS animates the text simply. Google fonts were used to add live text to the site with a lot of style. Fonts were chosen that would complement the branding of MusicWorks 4 Kids. Finally there is a calendar of events that was designed so everyone knows when their classes are going to be held.