Roundtable Branding Roundup

Roundtable, a private investment partnership located in New York City, decided to collaborate with BadCat Design to redesign their logo as well as create an overall style guide document to keep their brand on track.

Roundtable was looking to solidify an identity system that would create consistency throughout all aspects of their existing brand. The approach was to help the logo design evolve from the ornate mark they had been using into their new look. It was important to Roundtable for the design to keep all the conceptual meaning from the previous design, but to express it in a more simplified way. The decision to go with a cleaner more modern logo was made.

After the new logo was approved, the task of creating a style guide document that contained a set of rules for the logo’s usage was next. BadCat created a comprehensive style guide, approximately 50 pages long, that will be referenced for logo usage and implementation, as well as guide the visual decisions of other aspects of their brand. The style guide acts as a mentor to insure the brand is always represented consistently and appropriately.

Some aspects of logo usage that are outlined in the styleguide:

  • appropriate color palette
  • usable sizes of logo
  • font families used
  • logo placement
  • logo proximity
  • examples of all collateral that features the logo
  • logo placement on other collateral

Roundtable Investment Partners