WebP (weppy) File Format

A quick test of the new Google WebP (pronounced weppy) format as compared to JPG. Requires a WebP capable browser, like Safari plus WebP safari plugin if needed – Google Chrome Mac is supposed to add native support in a few weeks.

WebP format (4359 bytes) on left, JPG format (8792 bytes) on right. The Weppy file is half the size of the JPEG!

These were output from Pixelmator v. 1.6.2 (WebP 50% Compression, JPG 50% compression) What’s also interesting to me, is besides the obvious difference in file size, there’s also a very noticeable color shift when viewing in the Mac Finder, however the colors seem very similar once rendered in Safari.

Weppy looks very promising for cutting bandwidth / image render times in half!

UPDATE 2020-07-19: This review is pretty old at this point, but it looks like Pixelmater Pro 1.6.4 has finally added the release version of WEBP into their application.