This is the big bad fun section of the web site where anything could happen at any moment when you least expect it.. So, look out, strap in and get ready for some BIG BAD FUN!!


Everybody loves zombies, so take a peak at our spooky Halloween poster on Posterama and have a fun Halloween!

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Check out our latest poster on Posterama. It's Cat Nouveau...Enjoy!

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Catendar Autumn '09

New Autumn 2009 Catendar Just In! Sharpen those pencils, pack your new school bags and get ready to learn. Use Autumn Catendar to keep on top of all the important things that you have to do this fall, or trade him at lunch for a really good snack.

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Buy Local!

BadCat Design is heading an underground design revolution at the local level. We are encouraging business owners in our area, large and small, to buy fresh, local, Graphic Design! Don’t limit yourself to the farmer’s market and retail shops, extend the practice of supporting your community to your graphic designer also.

Buying locally guarantees you always receive the freshest ideas. Give us a call at 215.862.4860 if you need anything, we’re just up the road, maybe we’re even neighbors!

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Camp BadCat

Roasting weinnies on the fire, telling ghost stories, widdling, creating craft projects only a mother could love and eating smores until you burst are a few activities to enjoy at Camp BadCat this summer.
Join Dexter, Jenny, Counselor Craig, Jack and even Big Foot! Pitch a tent and earn your Camp BadCat badge!

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The Conserv-O-Cat is trying to educate people on becoming more green and reducing it’s negative environmental impact, or carbon-paw-print, this Earth Day. If you want to be environmentally friendly then print Conserv-O-Cat out on FSC certified paper! “FSC certified” guarantees that it came from responsibly managed forrests and/or contains a high percentage of post-consumer waste fiber. See you’re turning green already.
Happy Earth Day from BadCat Design!

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Summer ‘09 Catendar

Summer is just around the corner, so get ready by printing and assembling your very own Summer 2009 Catendar. A cat calendar sure to please. Don't forget your suntan lotion.

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BadCatZilla Attacks!!

Emerging from the Delaware River, BadCatZilla has been running amuck all over New Hope’s “Little Japan” some fifty years. His best defense is his deadly atomic exhale, and you thought your kitty had bad breath!? Download your free poster of BadCatZilla now and hang him up in a spot that might need a little excitement.

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Three cheers for love! Go grab your scissors, maybe even a little chocolate snack and get ready to fall in love with the LoveCats this Valentine's Day. This Valentine Cubeecat series is sure to steal your heart.

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Santa loves milk and cookies, cats love milk…coincidence, I think not. Anyway, come take a look at the new Jingle Cats! I mean, what else have you got to do? Figure out the best way to re-gift that hideous sweater from your aunt? Drown your boredom in egg nog? Dissect the fruit cake to try and figure out what on Earth those little clearish chunks are made of?...seriously…

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Spooky Cubeecat friends Just In! There are five new frightful, freaky, furry, fearsome and free Cubeecats waiting for you to download right now!

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CatCubeTopia is a space where the interested, creative, bored and playful people of the world come to download their very own, free, paper CubeeCat friends.

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Is your wall tired and boring? Faded and cracked? Are you held up in some grey cubicle with a big frown? Print some of these funny, visually pleasing posters and decorate your otherwise boring space!

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