Welcome to CatCubeTopia! This is a space where the interested, creative, bored and playful people of the world come to download their very own, free papercraft cat-friends. Just choose one of the categories below and click on a character to download the pdf.

Papercraft Supplies You Might Need: The only supplies that you might need to make these paper toys will be a computer, scissors and two hands. You do not need any adhesive products of any kind to be able to create these fun cubee cat-friends.

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Catendar Autumn '09
New Autumn 2009 Catendar Just In! Sharpen those pencils, pack your new school bags and get ready to learn. Use Autumn Catendar to keep on top of all the important things that you have to do this fall, or trade him at lunch for a really good snack. Visit the promo BadCat Catendar page

camper jack

Camper Jack
Jack is always getting into some kind of trouble even when he doesn't go looking for it. He is masterful at playing jokes on the other campers and catching little critters out in the wild.

Special Talents:
Lighting things on fire, slingshot sharp shooting and general trickery.

camper jenny

Camper Jenny
Don't be fooled by her braids. Jenny is a girl kitty camper, but she is more of a mountain cat than you think!

Special Talents:
Hiking, Fishing, Camping, Mountaineering, Biking, Hunting, Botany, Herbal Medicine, Swimming and Kayaking.

camper dexter

Camper Dexter
Dexter's mom thought that it would be a good idea to get him away from the hypnotizing glow of his computer screen this summer. Dexter is usually a house cat.

Special Talents:
Calculating data, WOWC strategies and possessing the will power to keep his action figures in their original packaging.

counselor craig

Counselor Craig
Everyone loves Counselor Craig because he is so fun. He tells great ghost stories and makes delicious smores. Craig loves to take campers on hikes and outdoor adventures.

Special Talents:
Making every camper feel comfortable, singing Kumbaya and calmly giving direction to sugar-high campers.


Big Foot
See, and you thought that those fuzzy images of him in the Inquirer that look like a guy dressed up in a Gorilla suit were some kind of hillbillie prank!? Well WRONG-O! Here he is the really real, real-life Big Foot.

Special Talents:
Being really big and really real.

Camp BadCat:
Roasting weinnies on the fire, telling ghost stories, widdling, creating craft projects only a mother could love and eating smores until you burst are a few activities to enjoy at Camp BadCat this summer. Join Dexter, Jenny, Counselor Craig, Jack and even Big Foot! Pitch a tent and earn your Camp BadCat badge! Slather on the sunscreen and get ready for a sweaty, mosquito filled hike up Mt. Kittymanjaro to Camp BadCat!

caliente cat

Caliente Kitty
This spicy cat will put some hair on your chest, if you're human, and if you're a cat, he will put even more hair on your chest.

Special Talents:
The ability to make your eyes water, make your mouth water and make you need water.


Baile Folkloricat
Baile Folklorico is a type of folk dancing for special parties or other community events. The Folkloricat likes to wear folk dresses on Cinco de Mayo and show off her fancy moves.

Special Talents:
Knowing traditional folk dance and wearing beautiful dresses.


Meowiachi es un gran cantante! He can sing traditional mariachi music like no other gato. He likes to hang around Baile Folkloricat and sing to really get her dancing.

Special Talents:
Possessing the voice of an angel.


Piñatita is a tiny piñata that just wants to be smashed. So, fold him around a few pieces of candy, grab the blind fold and the bat and watch as your friends scramble for the those two candies!

Special Talents:
Very smashable and has candy insides.


Don’t ask us how it happened but Spike is half cat and half cactus, a kind of "Catctus." That weird fact aside, all you need to remember is no hugs for Spike.

Special Talents:
Sharp and loves to poke fun.

Gatos Cubos:
GatosCubos Here for Cinco de Mayo! Cinco de Mayo is a holiday celebrating the triumph of the underdog at the Battle of Pueblo. Not interested in history? Use Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to eat some tacos. Either way, print the GatosCubos and have a fun day.


Did you know that Bamboo Cat can be harvested in as little as three years and for most other soft woods you have to wait up to twenty! This makes Bamboo Cat a renewable alternative to other woods.

Special Talents:
Makes paper, floors and paneling.


Catetarian is anti-meat. By not eating meat, he is helping to cut back on the use of water and fossil fuel that go into animal agriculture, meat processing, refrigeration and delivery.

Special Talents:
Creates delicious meatless meals. mmm...yummy vegetarian options!

windy kitty

The Windy Kitty
The Windy Kitty shows us that wind is a clean fuel and that wind farms produce no air or water pollution since no fuel is burned in the process. Supporting alternative energy sources is important for the future.

Special Talents:
Not producing any pollution and providing energy.


Scraps collects all the left over organic materials from meals and puts them in the compost pile. Compost helps reduce the use of landfill space, cleans up and enriches contaminated soil.

Special Talents:
Improves soil quality by reducing the need for water, fertilizers and pesticides.

paw paw tree

Paw Paw Tress
Trees are the longest living organisms on Earth. Trees produce oxygen, and renew our air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide. One tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year.

Special Talents:
Makes Oxygen that keeps us all alive…that’s a pretty great talent!!

The Conserv-O-Cat is reducing it’s carbon-paw-print, this Earth Day. For less paper waste, Conserv-O-Cat’s four faces of environmental conservation are rolled all up into ONE cat, now that’s green.

Catendar Just In! Keep track of all your important summer happenings with this super cool, super fun Summer 2009 Catendar. This is not the same old twelve month calendar, it's season specific. If you ask us, who needs those other eight months anyway, let's celebrate summer! Use your Catendar to highlight barbecues, swimming lessons, long days at the beach, vacations to tropical destinations, and any other fun and sunny events you have planned for the next four warm months.

be mine feline

Be Mine Feline
This LoveCat wants to make it clear that he wants you to be his Valentine this year. Although sticking candy hearts all over his kitty body is kind of weird, hopefully you got the message.

Special Talents:
Being sticky and using candy to express himself.

cupi kitten

Hearts, run for cover! Cupikitten is trigger happy and searching for singles to pierce. Look out for those heart shaped arrows, they might be aimed at you!!

Special Talents:
Archery, Match-making and looking good in a strip of red cloth.


This kitty was hand-dipped in a rich creamy 70% cocoa dark chocolate giving him a delicious exterior. Just remember there is fur under there. Mmmm Choc-O-Cat is yummy.

Special Talents:
Acting both sweet and rich.

cool cat

Cool Cat
This iced out cat weighs in at over 100 catrats. Cool Cat makes a great gift for the fancy lady who has it all or the rapper you are trying to impress this Valentine’s Day!

Special Talents:
Looking blingish and getting the attention of rappers.

monsieur purrfect

Monsieur Purrfect
One short glance into those deep green eyes is all it takes. Dateless this Valentine’s Day? Print this Parisian LoveCat out and have a purrrfectly romantic evening.

Special Talents:
Always looking good and charming all the lady cats with his accent.

Love, Love, Love. Hopeless romantics, lonely singles and paper crafters get your printers ready. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with the LoveCats.

abominable snowkitty

Abominable SnowKitty
Who doesn’t have a soft spot in their heart for this lonesome Yeti! Lucky for him, the Paperazzi have been trying to catch a glimpse of some other celebrity out in Hollywood…giving him this holiday season off.

Special Talents:
Posing for blurry profile snap shots.

chewy cat

Chewy Cat
Curiosity killed the cat…or maybe it was the hundreds of volts of electricity coursing through his little kitty body…poor guy. It’s lights out for this JingleCat for now, luckily he has 8 more lives.

Special Talents:
Ruining the holiday cheer and smelling crispy.

sweet tooth

Sweet Tooth
Don’t let his sugary facade fool you…this candy cane cat’s main goal is to rot your teeth! Look out, he’s on the move, don’t forget to brush those fangs after all the holiday treats.

Special Talents:
Discourages enamel, generates cavities and sculpts love handles.

frisky the snowcat

Frisky the SnowCat
Not a big fan of the cold but you are a big fan of holiday traditions? Print this guy out and build a snowcat of your own in front of the warm, comforting, cozy, glow of your computer screen!

Special Talents:
Never melting and looking cute anywhere.

kitty new year

Kitty New Year
Good-bye 2008 and hello new beginnings. This cat is ready to celebrate the coming year, and he isn’t the only one. Jot down those resolutions and get ready to pop that Clicquot! Happy New Years from all the BadCats!!

Special Talents:
Woopin it up.

The Holidays are here...warm evenings by the fire, lots of yummy food, cookies and...relatives. If you need a break from your crazy aunt, or blowing up her air mattress, or if you're feeling a bit down and need some new friends just print out a few JingleCats for a quick getaway!


Straight from the Pet Cemetery, this restless soul arose from the dead to haunt the alleys he used to roam when he was amongst the living.

Special Talents:
Mostly scaring people and Boggle.


Catparition has been known to roam the streets on Halloween night scaring candy out of local residents. You’d better reward this haunting apparition with a treat, unless you want a trick!

Special Talents:
Candy collecting, acting hyper and staying up way past bedtime after eating too much candy.

count catula

Count Catula
Count Catula lives a life of solitude in his eccentric mansion in Catsillvania. You are welcome to visit him, but there’s no guarantee on your return.

Special Talents:
Preparing garlic-free culinary delights.

zombie cat

Zombie Cat
This Scare-D Cat was bitten by the elusive African Rat-Monkey that can turn any living thing into the Undead! Seriously, he might eat your brains. I mean that is what zombies do, you know.

Special Talents:
Eating brains and holding arms out for long periods of time.


Kittenstein comes off as a monster, but it turns out he is just very misunderstood. Townspeople think he is trying to attack them, but he is really just trying to make some new friends by giving out some hugs.

Special Talents:
Best hugs ever and bolt adjustments.

It's ok, they are scarey, but they are on our side! Download your very own new spooky friends!

cat burglar

Cat Burglar
If you see him around, chances are your jewelry box is not safe. This BadCat has got some itchy paws that are ready to snatch up any old ladies purse at any old moment.

Special Talents:
Stealing, naturally, and knitting only ski masks.


This BadCat’s Mother, a stray, found refuge in a Microwave factory. The exposure to the radiation from the warehouse made him the special cat that he is today.

Special Talents:
Typing and swimming very very fast.


Known best for his expertise in punishment this feline ruler of the under-world might be the baddest cat of them all.

Special Talents:
Torture, persuading the good into serving evil, barbecuing and ballroom dancing.


Creator of Chicago’s most notorious street cat gang, the Mice Lords. He was arrested in 1999 on Intent to Sell Catnip charges but was released soon after, on good kitty behavior.

Special Talents:
Leadership skills and shank engineering.


You wouldn’t believe this cat to have been a high powerful executive on Wall Street, but he was. Waking up one morning at the bottom of a bag of Catnip, he gave into the ways of the alley cat and succumb to his addictions.

Special Talents:
Getting Catnip, eating Catnip and collecting fleas.

You can always count on the Original BadCats, they are always hanging around. They might be BadCats but they sure are fun!

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