Cinco de Mayo : Gatos Cubos

Cinco de Mayo 2009 Gatos CubosMay 5, 1862, *Cinco De Mayo*, is an important date in Mexican history because it was on this day that the outnumbered Mexican Army defeated the French at the Battle of Puebla. This battle was also significant because it was the last time the Americas were invaded to this day.

Let’s honor those brave souls that fought on the fifth of May and celebrate with the Cinco de Mayo Gatos Cubos! Add some candy inside Piñatita, Dance with Baile Folkloricat, Be careful with Spike, Make your mouth water with Caliente Kitty and Sing along with Meowiachi. Whatever you do, bring your X-acto knife and scissors and enjoy the papercraft fun.

Happy Cinco de Mayo from BadCat Design.

También disponible en español.