Secret Wireframing Weapon – Jumpchart

Jumpchart RocksOne of the secret weapons in our wireframing arsenal just got much better. The folks at *Paste Interactive* pushed out some awesome updates to JumpChart, including multicolumns, an overhauled UI, even a WordPress WXR export. Jumpchart has always offered collaborative tools – that’s one of the key features, but for us it’s simply a way to knock out a rough draft of a site for client approval of content.

We use the super-fast UI which calls upon Textile formatting – often just pasting in Word doc content, random emailed text etc and bang! we’re partway there.

Next, we just export the xHTML code and start coding and modularizing as usual. Then we can put it in front of the client for text and architecture approval. We only use a subset of the tools offered, but there’s more advanced tools like code snippets, meta insertion and more. Great stuff – thanks Paste!