What’s that in your FrontPocket?

FrontPocket icon Well it was off to a rocky start, but I think the fine folks at Updatable are getting it together…

FrontPocket is a new iPhone application that connects to *37Signals Backpack* web application through their API. I’ve been following this application for quite some time since I use Backpack daily.

I really like keeping track of work (and home) related things with Backpack (shameless plug – click the link and I get some credit). FrontPocket brings a lot to the table – even things that 37S’ own Backpack interface does not (at least to my knowledge) – even things like editing/deleting of Journal entries.

While I don’t get anything more than to share my experience with the app, which is looking good so far – I can honestly say the Updatable team was quick to respond to “issues” that came up along the way. And here’s a plug for Mashable – they have a more “full-featured” review of FrontPocket – Can’t wait to see more!